Commercial Snow Plowing Project in Raymond NH

Jan. 8, 2017 by Robert Pike:

I have a contract to plow the entire parking lot of City Storage in Raymond NH. This project requires attention to detail because each storage unit needs to be accessed without any snow or ice in the way. There is also the liability of customers slipping on icy areas so I need to make sure I sand and salt the entire lot as well. Finally, I'm careful of customers that are currently in their storage units because their cars are parked in front and they could also be walking around their cars with any type of random objects.

  1. Snow Levels: Any storm that accumulates 3" of snow or more will be plowed. Any storm that accumulates more than 6" will be plowed more than once because it becomes dangerous to plow 12" of snow at once. Also, for commercial projects, customers are important and need to access their units, so it becomes more important to the owner to always have the lot cleared and sanded.

  2. Clear the snow: First I clear all of the snow and push back the snow banks as far as possible. I push the snow away from the storage units and then clear it off of the pavement. Usually commercial parking lots have plenty of room to clear the snow.

  3. Sanding / Salting: Once the lot is cleared I need to use my commercial grade sander, with a mixture of salt and sand, to cover all of the driving and walking areas. This prevents the liability of cars slipping into the storage units and people slipping while they're walking back and forth.

Here are some pictures of our cleared commercial parking lot in early January, 2017:

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